My contribution to the GMBS Suicide Awareness Week 2013

Good Morning Bedtime Story

I watched your embers turn to ashen,
all your passions become
a way to mark the time.

The energy you used to
capture in your hand crafted
dream catcher

can’t be created
or destroyed so it’s
suspended like
your voice-

vernaculars in
a vacuum, colloquial
background noise.

I watched December
your June;

witnessed the superglue that
held your bravery through
thick and sin,
as it weakened
and thinned
and broke down
and chipped away what was
left of superficial explanations to prove there was
some legitimacy to loss,

counter to
the albatross of life and
its inherent chaos.

These are blood clots to my emotions,
a storm cloud to new dawns,
a start to something better embattled by
its swan song.

The incubus your
innocence loved, for all
his divisiveness, was not wrong.

Even with due diligence,
dream catchers can get
tangled up
in something

and not every…

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