Mountain Tunnel, Monster’s Train (2013 Version)

I’m the little train that could.

Travelling down the mountain when
she comes,
on tracks barely accustomed to
the avalanche of blood.

I left the hilltops where we were
to dance like martyrs,
my hardened soles pressed against
your arches,

your lips so parched, head against
my heart and I’m pounding,
it’s bouncing
between my outstretched arms.

All my wheels groaned and began to
as volcanoes erupted,
and flora felt the corruption its
existence had raised.

Go, you exclaimed, there’s simply no
chance you can
save me.

Rinse yourself of these haunted,
wilted clouds.

And so began the
race of my life, not from the
flames but rather,


I’m the little train that
could, but had you
I would have settled for
burning alive beside you.

Instead I’m sentenced to
forever out
running meltdowns,
barreling through a
summit’s towns
before they’re warned of
certain doom.

Red rivers
hold like


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