My Reincarnate

We pass from one life to the
next, like a chess champion in
search of
his historic checkmate,
but for eleventh hour assaults
that decimate what
we’ve become;

just pawns in some
one else’s

To my
reincarnate, you are more than
the sum of your
parts, torn into quarters that
ache but lie

you will need
all four to
reassemble yourself

Moral compass took a thankless job-
bringing out the best in
being robbed of
everything, house up
in flames, listening to
the floor boards
smoke’s weight.

This is the
property you inherited, reincarnate;
the world as you stare at its departed

It’s up to you
to take this desert and make
it rain, if only where you stand.

It is your
honour and sworn

How soon can you begin?


9 thoughts on “My Reincarnate

  1. I LOVE. YOU.

    Your poetry is so powerful. Your images and messages, is very incredible. You make me wanna really, really be a lot better than what I am. Good job.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful verse. It appears to be so on topic of what we are mainly discussing on my blog. I hope you don’t mind, I re-blogged it to mine.


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