Revolution’s End

When I started this blog what seems like a hundred years ago (it will celebrate its 6th and final birthday on April 12), I was a completely different person. Traumatized, lovelorn, sleepless and childish. My daughter Skylar was a newborn, her mother was still my future and a lonely hard drive full of poetry was … Continue reading Revolution’s End


Women’s Day

I haven't always been good, taken care of mine as well as one should. There was the seventeen year old who ruined me, one-night stands in her wake, and the girl across an ocean I was almost willing to wait the future away for. There's my mother and her doppelganger, who subtlety made a stranger … Continue reading Women’s Day

Anger & Oranges

Look under this mask, the same one everybody wears; store bought panic and pre-packaged despair. Running scared from debonair killers, who'll kindly shoot you in the back shortly after escaping God's design. Your bullets are not yours until surviving the exit wounds of others, and should you choose to keep scars quiet, it doesn't undermine … Continue reading Anger & Oranges

Fourth Novel Excerpt

So far, regarding excerpts from Founding Fathers (now definitely a 2019 release) I have touched on smaller, more personal moments, disregarding the main plot. The feedback for the first three excerpts was nothing short of awesome, and I'd like to thank you all by giving you a first look into the novel's main thread, in … Continue reading Fourth Novel Excerpt

Now Would Be the Time

Now, listen, I know this gauntlet we run like family; every crossroads and conceivable calamity, death traps to soundtracks of manic laughter. The definition of sanity depends who is asked, with varied results. Joined the world of the living and suddenly I'm signed up to a cult. Kool-Aid that tastes like aspertame? Are you sure … Continue reading Now Would Be the Time