Modern Adaptation

It’s not you. It’s me. I’m a black and white movie in 4K. You’re a 3 am page-turner, but spare me the novel, we’re both beginning to show our age. Your book spine is frayed, full of pop culture graveyards that long ceased to be a meaningful reference. I’m a relic, low-fidelity matinee, the Citizen […]

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A Murder of Crows

You had me at backlash, retribution in the final act for all this buildup. Ravens and crows don’t have to be the same, as all the neighbourhood vultures know.  Bad omens hiding out in the open. Death from above,  we’re the counter culture to sepulchers of faux outrage,  the polar opposite of love for status […]

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The Maw

Call me crazy but I think this little thing could work. Might be a masochist but this is probably gonna hurt in the end. Logic has adjourned; it’s all conspiracy theories and rule by emotion, when she looks into my eyes and doesn’t recognize what’s broken. It’s all jabberwocky; clocking out, quitting time for grammar’s […]

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The Absolution of Anger (2016)

dear embattled guardian, (my arsonist of story arcs) the constant momentum that uses pencils as pendulums, harnessed to my beaten heart. you, you the ghost whom breaks bread with my dark; these teenage antics have started to wear, mostly on my part; where the smoke in my chest caught and came to collect on potential; […]

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Swear To Me now on sale (Pre-order only)

Preorder Deluxe Edition Swear to Me is now available for pre-order through FVR on Shopify. Both the Standard and limited run Deluxe edition (available until December 31, 2017 or while supplies last) can be pre-ordered. The Deluxe Edition contains five additional poems, including the previously published “Homeward Legend”, as well as four works exclusive to the […]

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Call me a coward but I’m closer to escapist. Christen me monster, badly postured fatalist; that’s closest to your humanity as I ever want to be.  Show me power and I’ll be assassinated for compassion.  Hand me the keys to the world and they’ll lock it even tighter.  Ain’t I just a beacon of bejeezuses […]

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The Night Child

In honour of Swear To Me releasing on the 24th, I am posting poems from my previous books every Tuesday and Thursday before release. Today’s selection is “The Night Child” from 2017’s Men in Paper Coats”. I’ve forgotten how to identify with daylight of late, for its power seems trite, almost petty. It asked for […]

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Bipolar Love

Somewhere between aspiring for perfect and regurgitating worthlessness the world assigned you; approximately sandwiched between valour and vandals, we’ve transcended neanderthal attitudes of youth, metamorphosis of many names but accidental ain’t one. Somewhere between having a handle and kicking in the door, I’m yours. A rock for your forest, so the trees might grow straight. […]

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Erebus (2016)

Saved you a seat on this shipwreck, its maiden voyage across my Arctic heart. You see glaciers part ways with ocean, imagine frozen kisses on your fingertips; you could probably spin a yarn how it came to personify a rock which rips through hulls, sinks us into the salts, but you haven’t mulled the miles […]

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Break the Internet

In honour of Swear To Me releasing on the 24th, I am posting poems from my previous books every Tuesday and Thursday before release. Today’s selection is “Break the Internet” from 2016’s Generation Why. There’s a hashtag for you and I, between the celebrity we’re not and language we laud in a box that fits […]

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