An announcement

Dear reader, Editing and managing Free Verse Revolution for the last two or so years now has been a pleasure. I have come to know so many fantastic writers from around the world and felt so honoured you would choose FVR as a home for your words. FVR has brought me joy, friendship and awareness …

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The Mirror – Bhavya Prabhakar

I was wearing red robe  Like a model of Yves Saint Laurent,  The fragrance was uniformed and desperate With a touch of satisfying beauty, My hands were freezing at zero degree At that time, Numb was the attitude of mine In the reflections of thine: the mirror, Beauty is an attraction of desires; Hidden is …

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Reflection Pond – Lori Zybala

Unfathomable - black abyss Dark images encircling    Pulsating water patterns  Hypnotizing the mind   Unknown objects drifting Along peripheral haze perception Ego - fighting at the edge  Blackness surrounding   Eyes pierce deeply in Heart rapidly pounding Tentacles enfold appendages Intention to pull you in   Feet begin slipping underneath  Balance lost from under …

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