Safe Spaces 

There’s nothing glorious about civil breakdown. You know, that inability to have conversations from different perspectives, like we have to exist as a collective of black or white, left or alt right, not quite at war but always ready to fight. So many cracks in the union, some deeper with mystery, more shallow and gruesome. […]

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The Advice of Others

Fuck the haters and all their spiteful tongues, wiser men than me would quip.  They’re just mad that their Makers didn’t make them so diligently, or are displeased with their result.  Unfortunately, those are the calluses they feel within their fists. Don’t let anyone make you feel like shit, my mother would quote like it […]

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Prosperity in a Vacuum

They promised rags to riches in a series of bait and switches, but I fidgeted through their assertions.  I was given purpose in the laziest sense, forging cheques of creativity to finance the mess they’d make in our names.  I’m not insane, just  a trainwreck;  you’d not be  incorrect to  subtlely suggest I’m slightly disconnected.  […]

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Wordrot Transitoria

Sadness is a madness just as passionate as anger, elastic as euphoria. I call it transitoria, passive-aggressive spectrum looking for a retirement score; fashionable fascism creeping in my forum. And there’s really no quota for questionable behaviours, facial ticks betraying any favour I’ve built. My garden of sentences wilts with the enthusiam of bloom, calling […]

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The Anti Villain

Learning to excel in fluctuating circles of Hell. Think God might’ve brought me here but it’s too early to tell. All the spells I fell under, young, have worn off like cologne and all the places I called home are tainted by hubris. Why do I feel like the lunatic wanting to leave the crazy […]

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You Don’t Love Me Anymore

There’s a crease in my head. Wasn’t there when we met, fresh-faced, indebted. There’s a crack in my lips. Wasn’t there at first kiss, but yes, my mouth keeps on moving. And there’s a crack in my self-esteem that wasn’t there at seventeen, or years later at twenty-three. God, you should see the organ considered […]

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Gift Hoarse

Alarm clock, cocked like a gun. Numbers that wake you but have no sum. Semi-colon between one in the mornin’ and the 49 minutes you’ve been sortin’ out old photographs, treating each as if made of glass because their faces make you remember to laugh and paper should never feel so broken. These days, there’s […]

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Art Soup!

Listen up! About to drop some knowledge- for all the linguist collages, you are a unifying force. For all your small success, you’re my workhorse of inspiration. Out of bed! This barrage of panic ain’t gonna assault itself. It needs your help to place all its faults on you. Its guilt trip, cryptic messages in […]

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